There's no wrong way to be you.

I love to discover and capture the uniqueness of the people I photograph. Like our fingerprints, no two people are alike, and that's why cookie-cutter photo sessions don't appeal to me. Everyone has his own personality, interests, and style. The great fun of photography is exploring who people are through creative, memorable images.


I love the  Bob Dylan quote, "Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them." I am a Virginia Beach, Virginia-based "Portrait Journalist" (not an original title, by the way). who specializes in helping families, seniors, and couples take care of their memories. I would love to be a part of helping you capture and preserve today's joy so that you can remember it tomorrow. 


I love the idea of photojournalism, but true photojournalism never stops the action, never strikes a pose, or has a "let's do that again" moment. And while I don't love the idea of really posed pictures, life sometimes needs a little positioning, prompting, and primping. Portrait Journalism is the best of both worlds...the candid joy of the action of life combined with the beauty that comes with slowing down and being deliberate...sometimes an image looks better with the mud wiped off our shoes. =)

Call me today to set up your one-of-a-kind session. I guarantee we'll make and capture joyful memories.

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